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About The Cole Porter Band

The Cole Porter Band is a genre destroying band out of Southwest Missouri with Ozark roots and a sound as distinct as their home. They're hard to pin down but they embrace the red dirt mind set and have made their own blend of country, southern rock, and red dirt just the way they like it. Their ability to fuse the sweet spots from these genres has attracted a fan base of welcomed diversity that is spreading throughout Missouri and making it's way into Oklahoma, Arkansas and other surrounding states.

Cole first got his start as a solo artist at the Snorty Horse Saloon at just 19-years old. The Snorty Horse had been hailed as the “best little roadhouse in Missouri”. That moment instilled a passion for performing and writing music in Cole that is stronger than ever today. The band just finished recording their first full length album with legendary singer/songwriter and producer, Mike McClure, who had this to say about the band, "..What a great band. Some really killer songs and Derek Compton laid down some trully inspired guitar. All coming together. This a band you need to check out. Great people and I thoroughly enjoy recording them. They are on their way."

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